Six Grandfathers before it was desecrated.

Mount Rushmore Before it Was Desecrated and Other Captivating Images


While browsing the Internet, especially Facebook, it’s amazing the things you’ll see. A lot of story ideas actually come through Facebook. But they can be buried like treasure.

Like this one, found at a site called FB-T or Facebook Troublemakers. They recently did a post titled “Captivating Images Throughout History.” The story featured 18 images. And we thought, History! All right, let’s have a look.

As we scrolled through the images, a couple caught our eye. An image of Mount Rushmore, or Six Grandfathers, as the Sioux call it, before the faces of the four “Founding Fathers” were carved into it. Staring at the image was moving.

All of the images tell a story. But one of the others that stood out was an image from 1851. It shows one of the earliest photos of San Francisco after the Gold Rush began. The image is full of houses and boats. We can only imagine how pristine and clear that view was before the Gold Rush and the settlers came.

What about the image from Nepal in 1950? How does that one make you feel?

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Allie Tibbetts
Allie Tibbetts
Submitted by Allie Tibbetts on
Who would look at this & think it would look better with some shitty ol' dudes' faces carved on it? Smh.

Grayhorse's picture
Submitted by Grayhorse on
Wow, What a difference! I don't think I ever seen Mount Rushmore without ol' dudes' faces carved on it.

Huboi's picture
Submitted by Huboi on
So interesting... perspective is everything. The Taliban blew up giant Buddhas carved into an Afghanistan mountain, and the world condemned it as an atrocity. But what if they held the same opinion as voiced here? That the natural rock was better than offensive carvings of another cultures icon(s)? One man's trash is another's treasure. The mountain in pristine condition is a work of God's art. But then the faces are God's art (us) making art out of his art. I think it's all good. Faces, no faces. It's all better than not existing at all.

verncox's picture
Submitted by verncox on
I actually got a better one for you. You probably won't post it since you didn't seem to like my "double standard" insinuation about the Crazy Horse monument. History Channel had a series on called "Life without People" where they speculated on what our marks of civilization would look like as time goes on without any of us. As any reasonable person would think, the Earth would definitely reclaim everything. Of Mount Rushmore, those faces would still be there 1000s of years into the future and would even survive the orbiting satellites. It would be the only evidence of our existence left because of its granite structure.

GagasPeter's picture
Submitted by GagasPeter on
*Skeptical* of the "1000s of years" given to Mt. Rushmore... I've read credible work on how the faces have to be constantly maintained. As it applies to verncox' post, there are numerous cracks that are filled in to halt the erosion process of freezing & expanding ice on top of the scultures.