NBA Prospect, Father—Model? 15 Pics of Haida Hunk Damen Bell-Holter


With that chiseled jaw, that heroic physique, and those bedroom eyes, Damen Bell-Holter has as good a shot as anyone at being a professional model.

Of course, he's hardly thinking about catalogs, magazines, or runways at the moment -- the former Oral Roberts star is in Boston working out in advance of the Boston Celtics training camp, to which he's been invited.

Whether he makes the roster or not, modeling may be in his future, and it's clearly something he's considered -- his Facebook and Instagram pages contain professional shots of the young man from Hydaburg, Alaska, looking mighty dashing in some sharp street clothes. Standing 6'10", sporting tattoos on his biceps (right: Haida artwork; left: Psalm 23), and navigating fatherhood to boot (son Isaiah was born in July), Bell-Holter is sure to attract female fans no matter what his professional focus.

Which, lest we forget, is basketball, until further notice. Modeling can wait -- Celtics camp starts October 1.



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Cherilyn Bell
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I am proud of my son and all that he does. That he is a good human being. A strong Haida man. I believe are his greatest achievements. I love him and his brother and sister with all my heart. I thank Creator every day.