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It's almost time for the end of powwow season, but some of the biggest powwows and Indian Heritage celebrations are coming up this weekend. Take a day, or two, to visit them before it all ends. Here's a few powwows to keep on your radar. 

Kaua’i Powwow

When & Where: September 27-29, Kappa Beach Park

For more information, go to: or call (808) 651-7733 


32nd Annual Mt. Juliet Powwow

When & Where: September 28-29; Mundy Memorial Park, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

For more information, go to: or call (615) 443-1537


16th Annual Echota Cherokee Festival

When & Where: September 28-29; Oakville Indian Mounds & Park, 1219 County Rd, Danville, AL 35640

For more information, go to:


22nd Annual Fort Omaha Intertribal Powwow

When & Where: September 28; Metropolitan Community College, 5300 N 30th St, Omaha, Nebraska

For more information, go to: or call (402) 457-2266


11th Annual Woodland Indian Celebration

When & Where: September 28-29; 27174 Hull Prairie Road, Perrysburg, Ohio

For more information, go to: or call (419) 381-7042


Morongo Band of Mission Indians 23rd Annual Powwow

When & Where: September 27-29; Morongo Indian Reservation, west of Cabazon, California

For more information, go to: or call (951) 849-4697



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Submitted by Catrina on
I know it is late in the Season, however, do you ever come to the Terre Haute, Indiana part?