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Damen Bell-Holter is competing for a spot on the Boston Celtics' roster.

Inspiration in 15 Words and a Photo: Haida Hoops Star at Celtics Camp


Damen Bell-Holter, Haida, a former Oral Roberts University star from Hydaburg, Alaska, is neck-deep in the dizzying experience  of NBA basketball. He's at the Boston Celtics training camp in Newport, Rhode Island, having received a short-notice invitation after planning to play pro ball in Germany, and he's essentially one of four players fighting for one final spot on the roster. Yesterday was Media Day, and Bell-Holter didn't get the attention paid the NBA veterans and new head coach Brad Stevens. But on Monday he took a moment to share a photo of himself in his Celtics jersey on his Instagram feed, captioning the photo:

Small village, big dreams. We ain't there yet but we closer than we were yesterday.

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