Classic Clip: Bill Moyers, Louise Erdrich, Michael Dorris on Columbus


As a follow-up to our Columbus Day coverage yesterday, here's a video that dates from 1988 of Native authors Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris discussing Columbus' legacy with PBS mainstay Bill Moyers.  Erdrich, whose 2012 novel The Round House won the National Book Award, was married to Dorris from 1981 until his death by suicide in 1997 -- although the couple had at that point been separated for two years, and divorce was pending. In happier times, they edited each other's work and, on some occasions, wrote books together. At the time of this interview, they had committed to co-author The Crown of Columbus, which was published in 1989. This clip was found at

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I know you are writing a book but are you sure you are the people that should be writing this book. It is quite an undertaking. Please if you can take the word "indian" out of the vocabulary as you speak and write that would be a good step towards spreading the correct information. That is a name Columbus gave to the indigenous people when he came to our shores. We cannot honor him by continuing to call the Native Americans by that name. Thank you