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Dan Snyder, left, and NFL's Roger Goodell

NFL Commish Goodell and Snyder Discuss Handling Opposition to 'Redskins'


According to The Washington Post, “Redskins” owner, Dan Snyder, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, met on Tuesday to discuss the team’s name.

In a sit-down meeting that happened earlier today, the focus, according to The Post, was not on changing the team’s name, but rather, the meeting was held “For the league to gather information on the team’s plans for dealing with the issues involved, including assessing and addressing opposition to the name.”

This meeting comes one day before NFL officials are scheduled to meet with members of the Oneida Indian Nation, who have consistently said that the team’s name is offensive and derogatory to Native Americans. The Nation started a “Change the Mascot” campaign to oppose the team name which they say is a “racial slur.”

But, a little after 4:00 p.m., Tuesday, the NFL representatives who will head Wednesday’s meeting with the Oneida Indian Nation were named: Adolpho Birch, a league senior vice president; and executive vice presidents, Jeff Pash and Paul Hicks, The Post said.

Earlier this year, Snyder said he is “never” going to change the team’s name. Goodell, who initially stood by Snyder, changed his position last month and said, “If one person was offended, we have to listen.”

Ray Halbritter, CEO and representative of the Oneida Indian Nation, said in previous reports that the meeting with the NFL officials is a “move in the right direction.”

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Michael Madrid
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How many times does this have to happen before White racists learn their lesson? They make bold statements rationalizing their racism and promise they'll NEVER change only to be completely surrounded by those they offend and the opinion of the (so to be) general populace. Snyder is ignoring all the warning signs and he'll suffer his own Little Big Horn soon. I've taught my children NOT to judge others by their culture, their ethnicity, their religion, their financial status, their nationality or the color of their skin. Why is it so difficult to get support from a multi-million dollar organization when teaching the future generation values who should ALL hold dear? END SPORTS RACISM NOW!