New Single by Frank Waln: 'AbOriginal'


Frank Waln, Rosebud Sioux, is a rising star among Native American hip hop artists -- this week, he's posted a video for his latest single, "AbOriginal." Like much of Waln's growing oeuvre, "AbOriginal" looks at Native history and the ghosts thereof that haunt the present. "If your skin is brown then you’re down for the old pain," he observes in the chorus. In one verse, he mentions that "It’s 2013 and our chiefs are all shot/ digital blankets give spiritual smallpox," and at another point he paraphrases the famous mantra of forced assimilation: "shame an NDN just to save the man."

The lyrics to the song are posted to Waln's blog, "Scars and Bars," and the single is available to download through Waln's iTunes page.

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