This bulldog Indian princess is all about being regal.

10 Ways Not to Dress Your Pet This Halloween

Vincent Schilling

With the costume industry producing countless Native-themed costumes for humans, it’s not surprising that our furry friends weren’t far behind.

Truth be told, the animals are adorable making it tough to be offended. That being said, it isn’t the pets fault their owners are oblivious to the meaning of real Native regalia.

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While these costumes might offend don’t be mad at the cute critters. The saving grace? Most of the pets look less than thrilled.

Braided Kitty

This annoyed looking kitty could be saying, “I was just sitting on this fence, watching that bird, and you had to come throw these braids on me!” Well kitty, at least there’s a feather you can play with when Halloween is over.


This kitty is all dolled up. Dress—check, braids—check, beaded headband—check.

Bulldog Indian Princess

This Indian princess, adorned with a red ruby encrusted feathered headband would be all the rage at elite socialite parties. The many feathered braids and the faux buckskin dress complete the look.

The Maltese Indian

This white Maltese adorned with black braids, blue trimmed regalia and moccasin cuffs seems to be pleading with the photographer to get her the heck out of that costume.

Snacks Headdress

I have to say the simplicity of this costume is mah-velous, but Snacks the Cat seems less than thrilled in the headdress.

Pilgrims and Indians

Kitty pilgrim appears to have something planned for the Indian dog, who seems oblivious. That headdress is gorgeous doggy, but kitty, you might need to go back to the tailor, that buckle is HUGE!

These pups seem to think dressing as pilgrims and Indians is as ridiculous as we do.

Chief Poodle

Hey Poodle, you look lovely. But tell me something, where did you get those tan feathers?


This Chihuahua looks ridiculously cute, but seems to be struggling a bit. Maybe you stayed out too late at that powwow last night? Can you breathe? Is everything all right? Poca?

Chief Clyde

This pup, named Clyde doesn't look terribly thrilled to be chief of the candy bucket.

Southern Living/Mary Davenport

Cozy Chief

This dog was probably sleeping before this photo and his owners just thought this would be hilarious! This pup doesn’t seem to be in the


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Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
I'm dressing up as a Redskins fan. I figure all I need is a gallon of beer, a big gut and a lobotomy.

alyce's picture
Submitted by alyce on
It is a day to be silly. People dress as nuns, rabbis and clergy. Some people walk around pretending to be pregnant. My doggie is going to a "witch". One year I was a devil..

N.Starr Martin's picture
N.Starr Martin
Submitted by N.Starr Martin on
So NOT cute. I find these offensive. What makes humans think The Creator would have us treat our animal relations without dignity and respect for who and what they are? For me it is just another manifestation of the theory of Manifest Destiny, trying to dominate others and make them in whatever image we feel is suitable. It saddens me. It does say a lot for our animal relations who wre willing to do almost anything to please us because their love is so deep for us. Please, can we just celebrate one another for who we ARE and our true nature? Thank you...Starr Martin

Submitted by SITTINGBULLWHON... on