Get Ready to Rock Your Mocs! 20 Photos of Native Footwear Worn Proudly


This Friday, November 15, at the midpoint of Native American Heritage Month, Natives from all over Turtle Island will be wearing moccasins with Indigenous pride -- it's a little day of celebration known as Rock Your Mocs day, and it's caught on in a big way. Thanks to social media, Rock Your Mocs isn't just a show of unity -- it's also a show-and-tell, with moc-rockers Tweeting, Facebooking, and Instagramming their traditional footwear for others to see and admire. 

Here's a collection of great Instagram pictures sent out last year using the hashtag #RockUrMocs -- which, according to the Rock Your Mocs Facebook page will be the tag to use again in 2013. (You might notice some familiar names in the pictures below -- for example, recording artist IsKwe and painter/muralist Yatika Starr Fields. Rock Your Mocs is for everyone.)

Instragram user becca_boo
Instragram user cris_derksen
Instragram user enasnyder
Instragram user indianicity
Instragram user iskwe
Instragram user jinglaholic
Instragram user makamizzle
Instragram user margoration
Instragram user ndnchick
Instragram user noheartwoman
Instragram user oocelestialoo
Instragram user procrastinative
Instragram user sagepaul
Instragram user sasha2strong
Instragram user sealaskaheritageinstitute
Instragram user xxheatherdicksonxx
Instragram user yatikafields
Instagram user yukondaisy
Instagram user zhawenjigen

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Kathy Nordskog's picture
Kathy Nordskog
Submitted by Kathy Nordskog on
Happy Native American Month <3 Respect, love and peace ~ These moccasins are so gorgeous!

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on

Becky White Feather-Riney's picture
Becky White Fea...
Submitted by Becky White Fea... on
Awesome Mocs! I'll be rockin mine as well to celebrate our heritage! Rock on Natives!!!

Carole Lemay's picture
Carole Lemay
Submitted by Carole Lemay on
WOW! très beau travail, belles créations! Je vous encourage à perpétuer cette tradition!

Mary 's picture
Submitted by Mary on
I loved them all, and I wish I had them in my closet ...I have always loved their comfort & beauty ...

Toni Soucy's picture
Toni Soucy
Submitted by Toni Soucy on
I would like to see if I could order a pair of these, do you have a catalog. How do we go about ordering moccasins.