copyright Jade Ehlers

Photo Session: Ashley Callingbull by Jade Ehlers


Ashley Callingbull, of the Enoch Cree First Nation, is a perennial contender for Miss Universe Canada and an up-and-coming actress who can be seen on the acclaimed APTN series Blackstone. It's hardly surprising that she's a dynamite model as well -- we last spotlighted her posing chops here at ICTMN with a fashion shoot by Thosh Collins that addressed issues of cultural appropriation.

Callingbull recently had the opportunity to shoot with Jade Ehlers, a photographer who shoots a lot of musicians (as well as, of course, fashion) and also directs music videos. To learn more about Ehlers, visit his site These photos were posted to Ashley Callingbull's Instagram page  and are published with Jade Ehlers' permission-- not a bad day's work, is it?

copyright Jade Ehlers

copyright Jade Ehlers

copyright Jade Ehlers

copyright Jade Ehlers

copyright Jade Ehlers

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jacksta's picture
Submitted by jacksta on
i don't like it...too sexual and risque. We need more women with character willing to keep their clothes on!

Kyrstie L's picture
Kyrstie L
Submitted by Kyrstie L on
I'm happy to see true Native women being represented in "global" events, such as this pageant, however I am slightly worried about the portrayal of Native American women in popular media. Generally, there are sexualized versions of us out there, and that might be a contributing factor in rampant sexual and physical assault on Native women. Just a thought.

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david e.estep
Submitted by david e.estep on
she is very beautiful, my girl is native, n to me native women have beautiful souls,

Two Bears Growling's picture
Two Bears Growling
Submitted by Two Bears Growling on
Young lady, you should be ashamed of yourself parading around like this! It is shameful exposing yourself like this! These pictures are shameful & disgraceful! This is EXACTLY the stereotype we are trying to stop! Why do you feel the need to run around so unclothed like this? A woman has no need to be showing their body off to strangers. Your body is for your husband's eyes only; not the rest of the world! Get some respect & stop this running around half naked trying to live up to the white man's ideas of beautiful. Sexy is not something decent females need to even be concerned about. What our females & males alike need to concern themselves about is living in a good way that brings pride to our Creator, tribe, clan & families. Everything else is a waste of you time, efforts, energies & resources. It is the heart & spirit that our Creator judges us on. Those of you who are living in a good way that brings honor, respect & respectfulness to oneself, our families, clans, tribes & most of all, the Great Spirit, I praise each of you for setting that daily example to our young ones of what living in a good way is all about my friends. Hoa!

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Billy Schroeder
Submitted by Billy Schroeder on
Amazing. Beautiful cheekbones, nice lips, nice jawline.. Gorgeous !!! :)

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Orfelio Briones
Submitted by Orfelio Briones on

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Submitted by Anonymous on
Beauty can also be only, skin deep! but true beauty is to know that the Great Mystery is the most beautiful of all and we are only his reflections of his Omni essence of natural, physical and spiritual beauty! Hoka Hey!

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Submitted by TJ0176 on
I dont think that she should be ashamed ! She is a Beauty - One of a Million Girls! If she would be my Daughter, I would tell her and explain her to watch out the Truth and somebody really worth it. That she is responsible for her Life and necessary to prove carefully many times everybody trying to come Close to her. Destiny sometimes goes strange ways. She has to learn what heaven wants her to learn. Heaven will Show her what is wrong! So many People are not worth it,thats for sure.

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