A Comic's Comics: Charlie Ballard on Rez Dogs, R. Kelly and Redskins


Charlie Ballard, Sac and Fox, is a standup comedian who's appeared on Comedy Central and Logo, and he regularly hosts the Hella Gay Comedy Show in various locations around San Francisco. 

Does success as a comic -- meaning a comedian -- imply you'll be any good at drawing comics -- meaning cartoons? That's what Charlie Ballard aims to find out. He's been scribbling out some one-frame cartoons and posting them online. While his draftsmanship can't quite compete with that of Marty Two Bulls, there is a certain charm to these eyeless Natives trading quips about mascots, R. Kelly, and Candy Crush. We'll be watching Ballard's blog, charlieballard.blogspot.com, to see where this goes.

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Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
Charlie is no Rembrandt, but I like his cartoons and would buy a book of them.

Heather Bohon's picture
Heather Bohon
Submitted by Heather Bohon on
I LOVE it!!!

eva's picture
Submitted by eva on
funny... very funny. I think you have a lot more talent and expressing via comic. not to say your act isnt funny, i havent seen you in action yet!

Kathleen Short-Ridge's picture
Kathleen Short-Ridge
Submitted by Kathleen Short-Ridge on
These are great!