This banner was displayed November 15 at a McAdory High School football game.

Some Alabama Students Aren’t Sorry About ‘Trail of Tears’ Banner


The offensive “Trail of Tears” banner displayed at a November 15 football game in Alabama even prompted a response from the Cherokee Nation. Now some students and their friends are speaking out, and they aren’t apologizing.

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“I don’t think the sign is wrong and I’m NOT sorry #judgeme,” said Dani Kelley (@dani13kelley13) on November 18. The user’s page has since been blocked but search the name and a lot of responses to her comment come up.

Other students and friends have shared their view on the subject and don’t seem to care who they’ve offended or about the history.

Others didn't necesarily say they weren't sorry, but made light of the situation.

McAdory High School Principal Tod Humphries has apologized and said he would turn this incident into a teaching moment. And Jefferson County Superintendent Dr. Stephen Nowlin said the that “the cheerleading squad will be disciplined.”

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One commenter pointed out that some students were posting images to Twitter of their feet in moccasins even after the school apologized.

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ena's picture
Submitted by ena on
That joke is on you because those are white man made moccasins. How stupid. Can we make fun of the white man now??????

Grey Wolf's picture
Grey Wolf
Submitted by Grey Wolf on
Force all these kids to walk the Trail of Tears under the same conditions. That will teach them how history really was.

sloansate's picture
Submitted by sloansate on
I keep my expectations very low when it comes to the Southern states, and they never disappoint! Stay classy 'Bama! Roll Tide!

Richard Earhart's picture
Richard Earhart
Submitted by Richard Earhart on
What should one expect from Children raised to be insensitive to those unlike them, remember we are talking about one of the Nations most racist States in the Union. What their parents bigotry showed them was intolerance for those who are not of Anglo Saxon heritage . Yet even that is no excuse for these supposedly young adults, fore they should know by this age what is wrong and what is right. I pity them for their willingness to know something is wrong and go ahead and do it anyway; and find it funny as well. What great role models their parents must be, and proud of their children's nastiness!

Ellen Ivey (Cherokee)'s picture
Ellen Ivey (Che...
Submitted by Ellen Ivey (Che... on
What we see here is our lack of education in History. It is our responsibility as parents and grandparents to teach our children the be respectful and to be compassionate. Would we allow children (or anyone for that reason) to hold up a sign about Jewish people, the blacks or any other ethnic group.

Tanya 's picture
Submitted by Tanya on
OMG.OMG.OMG.OMG. Two rival high schools in Aladamnbama meet on the gridiron. The "run-through" sign for the team of one high school reads: "Our team should have you crying a trail of tears before we are through." Okay...maybe lightly paraphrased because the very idea is just too sickening to imagine. I weep. I weep. I weep for history not taught to our youth. Yes, we are doomed to repeat...I bet no coach who teaches history sees anything wrong.