Comedian Charlie Hill Is Fighting Cancer and Needs Your Help


You'd be hard pressed to find a Native standup comic who doesn't cite Charlie Hill as an influence. Now the humorist and actor is reaching out. He's been battling lymphoma for over a year, and his family could use some help with expenses. For this reason, they've set up the Charlie Hill Fund at the donating site The brief text outlining the reason for the campaign ends with the words, "the Hill family humbly thanks you at this time for your prayers and contributions."

The campaign, just four days old, is picking up steam. The donor list includes such Indian country notables as Bill Miller and Joy Harjo, and of course several Native comedians, among them JR Redwater, Ryan McMahon, Larry Omaha, and Marc Yaffee. But you don't have to be famous to help out, and more help is needed.

Charlie Hill Fund at

Here's a video that sums up some of Hill's significance, as well as a famous 1977 performance from the Richard Pryor Show:

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Patty Duong's picture
Patty Duong
Submitted by Patty Duong on
I met Charlie Hill years ago at the Foxwoods Pow WOw. He is an amazing man. Very funny and friendly.

Linda Meanus's picture
Linda Meanus
Submitted by Linda Meanus on
Prayers and hugs to you, Charlie! I know what is for you to go through the hardship of Cancer. I have been there twice...I was at Pendleton, Oregon a few years back with some of my relatives from Warm Springs and at a conference. We watched your comedy act and made my day with laughter........that was good! Thank you and HOPE that you will beat this, cancer!