12 Days of Posters: The Earth as Precious Gift


On a day when many are giving gifts or giving thanks, let's take a moment to think about the gift of the Earth we have all been given, and what needs to be done to preserve and protect that gift. This HonorTheTreaties poster is by Cheyenne Randall, a Lakota artist who has dedicated himself and his work to fighting the booze merchants of Whiteclay, Nebraska, just off the Pine Ridge Reservation.

This poster is (for now) an ICTMN exclusive; right-click on the image to download it at medium size (1162 x 1543 pixels). You will be able to get a much larger version from the HonorTheTreaties downloads page when it's posted there. You may also want to visit ICTMN's 12 Days of Posters archive.

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