NM Man Degraded by Cops With Enemas, Cavity Probes Accepts $1.6M Settlement


A New Mexico man, who police forced to undergo cavity probes, enemas, a colonoscopy and public defecation in a futile search for drugs, has settled for $1.6 million with local authorities, reported CNN.

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The man, David Eckert, rolled a stop sign in a Walmart parking lot on January 2, 2013. Police instructed him to step out of his vehicle and used his "clenched buttocks" as probably cause to have doctors perform "multiple digital penetrations and three enemas" over the course of 14 hours. The warrant was deemed invalid and doctors who performed the searches for the officers found no illicit drugs.

Eckert, 54, sued the county and police departments last year, and feels some justice has been served: "...I think the settlement shows they were wrong to do what they did to me."

Eckert's lawyer, Joe Kennedy, said Eckert "feels gratified that the city and county acted quickly, and ... that they recognize his dignity and humanity. He expects that it won't happen to anyone else ever again."

Eckert agreed to the $1.6 million settlement on December 20; news of the settlement was just recently announced.

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was there any disciplinary action taken against the individuals that caused this to happen?