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The cover art for “Killer of Enemies” stars Raven-Sky as Lozen. These were the many possibilities for the cover.

‘Killer of Enemies’ Brings Apache Warrior Lozen to Life

Leeanne Root

Abenaki storyteller Joseph Bruchac’s latest young adult book, "Killer of Enemies," introduces readers to Lozen and her post-apocalyptic world in which technology no longer works.

Lozen must rely on survival skills learned from her father and uncle to take on gemods—genetically modified beings.

Before the Cloud wiped out the technology, Lozen lived in a world of haves and have-nots—those with technological enhancements were in power, those without served those in power, the Ones.

After the Cloud, Lozen’s mother and brother are held hostage by the remaining Ones because they need Lozen’s special monster-hunting abilities. Before the Cloud, some Ones mixed animal DNA to create gemods and keep them as pets. Now they roam free.

Besides what she learned from her family, Lozen has special survival skills similar to those of her namesake, Apache warrior Lozen, born in the 1840s. She uses those skills to take on the gemods. Lozen in Killer of Enemies can sense when enemies are near and make herself unnoticeable to them.

Bruchac published his first book of stories in 1975, and now has more than 100 titles in print. He’s won numerous awards including a 2014 American Indian Youth Literature Award from the American Indian Library Association for Killer of Enemies.

Indian Country Today Media Network spoke with him about his latest book.


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Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
I've loved Joseph Bruchac's books since I first discovered them. Geronimo was a particularly good one (I'm biased because I'm N'de - Apache) and it tells the story of his life AFTER capture. I'm looking forward to this book because ALL of Bruchac's books are fun to read. I know this one will be appreciated by high school students.