An artist's rendering of what the turbines would look like in the ocean off Cape Wind.

Cape Wind Battle Continues as Foes File New Lawsuit

Gale Courey Toensing

According to NSTAR’s own estimates, the NSTAR–Cape Wind contract will increase the electricity bills of NSTAR customers by nearly one billion dollars over the life of the contract, the suit alleges.

The Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound was joined in the lawsuit by the Town of Barnstable, Keller Company of Hyannis, Marjon Print and Frame Shop of Hyannis, Hyannis Marina and two individuals.

Joe Keller, President of Keller Company Inc., said in a statement that Cape Wind’s electricity at three times the price of competing out-of-state green energy would put an unfair burden on ratepayers and businesses.

“We understand the need for green sources of energy, but it is unfair to be forced to pay three times the cost of other green energy for Cape Wind,” Keller said. “It is difficult enough to run a business in this state without having to pay exorbitant electric bills that are totally unnecessary.”

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