Vincent Schilling
During a recent trip to Virginia Beach President Barack Obama “allegedly” said, “let’s honor those treaties!! The crowd’s response was lukewarm, but the President is staying steadfast!”

If Only! 'Columbus Day Cancelled' & 9 Other Long-Overdue Headlines

Vincent Schilling

US Department of Education Agrees to Teach True History

After an overwhelming victory in Congress, in which everyone voted unanimously for a change in education, the U.S. Department of Education must now comply with a new law enacted to teach the true history of this country, including what happened to Native Americans. Curriculums nationwide will now include how the Iroquois Nations directly affected the creation of the Constitution, the contributions of Native herbology to modern medicine and the true shocker—how Native Americans are still in existence today.

Similar efforts have been approved to honor the contributions of all other minorities in history as well.

The children at Tabuk Primary School studied Native Americans in History. They recently listened to the story, The Legend of the Bluebonnet. In the story, She-Who-Is-Alone sacrifices her doll, which is her only toy and the only thing that she has left that came from her parents. Because of her sacrifice, the rains come and her tribe, the Comanches, survive. The class decided to try to make their own hand-crafted dolls. (Tabuk Primary School)

Native American Stereotypes and Misappropriation Video Gets 7 billion Hits

The YouTube video “Native American Stereotypes and Misappropriation—What You Should Know” has amazed the online world for several days. In the most compelling viral views jump in world history, this video has been seen by every person on earth. Not surprisingly, all of the comments have been positive, and the video has exactly 7 billion thumbs up. “I’ll never make fun of Native Americans again,” said Billy Bob Jenkins, a YouTube commenter.

‘Stop Trying to Be Native American’ Hipster Movement Takes Over 

Shelley Wilson, of Newport Beach, California, has started a movement in the hipster community that is spreading like wildfire. After posting her party pics on Instagram with a sign saying “Stop Trying to be Native American” over 100 million and counting have shared her picture and collectively decided to stop wearing “Native Stuff.” “It’s toooo-tally like, NOT cool anymore and stuff, whatever like you know,” said Wilson. She said anyone wearing “Native stuff” just would not be considered cool.

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Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
How about: President Obama Pardons Leonard Peltier or maybe Senate & Congress Agree to change Thanksgiving to Native American Day or since we're dreaming . . . Republicans agree to higher tax rate for the rich to set aside reparations for Native Americans.

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Submitted by nokomis on
My tribe, which is the Yavapai-Apache Nation, celebrates Columbus Day. Pathetic!