Vincent Schilling
During a recent trip to Virginia Beach President Barack Obama “allegedly” said, “let’s honor those treaties!! The crowd’s response was lukewarm, but the President is staying steadfast!”

If Only! 'Columbus Day Cancelled' & 9 Other Long-Overdue Headlines

Vincent Schilling

Notorious Social Media Commenter Apologizes for Anti-Native Comments

Stan “Bigmouth” Lawrence from Kansas City, Kansas has admitted he is always the guy who negatively comments on Facebook, Twitter and Google+—no matter how valid the argument is. “Yeah, I’m the jerk that always said ‘go back to your reservation, stupid Indians’ and other lame stuff. I realize I am just an idiot with no life and I am just going to stop now. My mom said I can’t use my computer anymore anyway.”

According to Lawrence’s mother, “Stan needs to go get a job so he can move out, he’s 39 for God’s sake.”

Nobody likes negative comments about Natives on social media. (

Native American Heritage Month Will Be Honored on National TV and Popular Sites

This November marks the first time Native American Heritage Month will be honored by all broadcasting networks across the United States. Additionally, executives at Google, Bing and Yahoo will also make sure people know. “We want to give more than just the normal 8 second blip we give at 3 a.m.” said Lou Jones, a representative from CNN.

Representatives from CBS and NBC said they are going to work on employing Native American journalists as well.

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Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
How about: President Obama Pardons Leonard Peltier or maybe Senate & Congress Agree to change Thanksgiving to Native American Day or since we're dreaming . . . Republicans agree to higher tax rate for the rich to set aside reparations for Native Americans.

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Submitted by nokomis on
My tribe, which is the Yavapai-Apache Nation, celebrates Columbus Day. Pathetic!