Courtesy Sundance TV
Jason Momoa and Martin Henderson star in Sundance TV's 'The Red Road.'

10 Things to Know About 'The Red Road' and Star Jason Momoa


The Red Road is a fictional TV drama, premiering tonight on Sundance TV, that tells the story of a Native American tribe on the New York-New Jersey border and its uneasy relationship with the nearby town of Walpole, New Jersey. In recent weeks, the show has sparked a lot of buzz among potential viewers and in Indian country, for at least two reasons: It's a show about the lives Native Americans set in the contemporary era (rather than a historical one), and its star, Jason Momoa, most famous for Game of Thrones, is suddenly one of those Actors You Need to Know. Here's a guide that will give you some useful background on the story and a crash course in Momoa 101.

1. Before there was The Red Road, there was Road to Paloma.

Title screen of 'Road to Paloma'

Momoa says that a film he wrote, directed, produced, and starred in called Road to Paloma was what landed him the role as Philip Kopus in The Red Road. Road to Paloma was submitted to the Sundance Film Festival around the time that Sundance TV was looking to cast The Red Road. And the channel's brain trust didn't just find their potential star in Road to Paloma; they also found a key supporting actor in Lisa Bonet (yes, that Lisa Bonet), who plays Momoa's love interest in Road to Paloma and the tribe's lawyer in The Red Road.

2. The series' plotline bears some resemblance to a real-life incident.

According to, there are parallels between what we'll see in The Red Road and an incident in 2006 when Emil Mann, Ramapough, was killed by a park ranger near Mahwah, New Jersey. The saga drew the attention of the New Yorker magazine, which published a lengthy story about it in 2010.


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