Beware Evil White Foods: Sinister Salty, Pycho-Sugar & Illsbury Doughboy


Looking for some motivation to eat colorful vegetables and steer clear of the white villains—salt, sugar and flour?

Think of your fresh produce as super heroes and salt, sugar and flour as the unholy consumables: Sinister Salty, Pycho-Sugar and the Illsbury Doughboy.

This animated Public Service Announcement is definitely entertaining and hopefully inspiring as well.

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Directed and Produced by John Jota Leaños

Written by John Jota Leaños and Tony Coleman

Character Design and Drawings by Tony Coleman

Digital Animation by Julian Sestanovich

Color by Tal Kamran

Music by Greg Landau

Voiceover by Rafael "MC Chilaquiles" Herrera

A Project of "Out the Window" / Freewaves Los Angeles

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