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‘Chickasaw Journeys’ Take Children on an Educational Adventure

Chickasaw Nation

The new activity book “Chickasaw Journeys” takes children of all ages on a fun and educational adventure throughout Chickasaw Country.

With “Journeys” mascot, Ofi’ Tohbi (White Dog) serving as guide, the book features questions, mazes, word games and other activities based on Chickasaw history, language and culture.

The book also includes activities to complete during a trip to Chickasaw cultural and historic destinations, including the Chickasaw Council House, Chickasaw Historic Capitol, Chickasaw White House and Chickasaw Cultural Center.

Participants will receive a commemorative oksop (bead) and a stamp in their books during visits to these facilities. Ofi’ Tohbi can also be discovered at the highlighted destinations.

Upon completion of the book, participants become official members of the Ofi’ Tohbi Club and receive a commemorative patch and collector’s coin.

Books are available for purchase at the Chickasaw Council House, 209 N. Fisher, Tishomingo, Oklahoma; the Chickasaw Historic Capitol, 411 W. Ninth Street, Tishomingo; Chickasaw White House, 6379 E. Mansion Road, Milburn, Oklahoma; Chickasaw Press and Chickasaw Arts and Humanities, Ada; and the Chickasaw Cultural Center, 867 Charles Cooper Memorial Drive, Sulphur.


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