Video: Man on the Street: What do People in DC Think of the Redskins?

Vincent Schilling

Indian Country Today Media Network’s Man on the Street, Vincent Schilling, was recently in Washington D.C. and took the opportunity to ask some people their thoughts on the hot-button issue that is the Washington Redskins logo.

Admittedly we were a bit hesitant about asking about the Washington Redskins on their home turf. But thankfully questions posed by ICTMN’s Man on the Street Vincent Schilling were met with a proverbial calm.

We received some unsurprising answers as well as a bit of support for Indian country. Want a bit more? We asked these same folks another question while we were in D.C. – Do Native Americans pay taxes? Make sure to check it out soon.

Do you have a question for ICTMN’s Man on the Street? Just tweet @IndianCountry or @VinceSchilling and use the hashtag #ManOnTheStreet.


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