The Flathead Indians of Montana: A Case Study of Historical Trauma
Anti-Indian right-wing groups operating in 15 states apparently didn't get the memo: They think the Indians are the freeloaders.

Anti-Indian CERA Doesn’t Like the Law of the Land in United States, or Us, Apparently

Terri Hansen

The Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (CERA) took its anti-Indian rhetoric to Washington State last spring in a follow-up to the Lummi Nation’s opposition to the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal at Cherry Point in northwest Washington.

Millions of tons of coal would ship to Asia per year through the terminal, but its location has been proposed in a setting sacred to the Lummi people.

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CERA kicked off with Bellingham tea partiers promoting the “Citizens Equal Rights Alliance Educational Conference; Regional Conference Speakers on Water and Property Rights, Federal and Indian Policy” on April 6, 2013 in Bellingham, close to the Lummi Nation.

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CERA and its sister, Citizens Equal Rights Foundation (CERF), are the foremost anti-sovereignty, anti-treaty organizations in the U.S. anti-Indian movement. CERA’s website indicates they are active in 15 states and Canada.

The featured speaker was CERA’s former chair, Elaine Willman, author of, "Going to Pieces, the Dismantling of the United States of America." Willman claims to be of direct Cherokee descent.

Willman has held positions in local government in Toppenish, Washington near the Yakama Nation, and is currently director of Community Development & Tribal Affairs for the Village of Hobart, Wisconsin. The Village has been involved in several lawsuits aimed at undermining the sovereignty of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin, according to Chuck Tanner in his April 2013 report, “Take These Tribes Down”: The Anti-Indian Movement Comes to Washington State, for the Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights. 

Willman told Bellingham’s KGMI Radio host and tea party activist Kris Halterman the conference would teach local officials and citizens how to take on tribal governments, according to journalist Jay Taber. Taber told Indian Country Today Media Network that Willman characterized tribes as casino bullies who want half the water. Willman told Halterman that the only way to stop the tribes is to strengthen states’ rights and private property rights and to get rid of federal Indian policy.

On a November 3, 2012 KGMI podcast about Native American tribes, Willman said that their special, taxpayer-funded, race-based perks allow them to “confiscate natural resources.” Willman added, “Tribalism is socialism [and] has no place in our country!”


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Submitted by alexjacobs on
Willman's book GOING TO PIECES, is self published, i didnt want to mention it before as it might give it untoward publicity, but its been making the rounds by people passing it around as maybe authentic and a protest viewpoint, its full of hate mongering, half & barely truths, twisted propaganda by "part-Indian" writers...very much like current Tea Party and anti-Indian Rights organizations from the Reagan-Bush days...if you search the title/book/author you'll see NDN people backlash against it and set up their own truth committees to counter them when they come to town...