Courtesy Cherokee Nation
Left to right: Cherokee Nation Tribal Councilor Joe Byrd, Tribal Council Speaker Tina Glory-Jordan, Deputy Chief S. Joe Crittenden, Principal Chief Bill John Baker, Cherokee County Boys & Girls Club Board Member Sandy Crosslin, Tribal Councilor David Walkingstick and Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr.

Cherokee Nation Gives Nearly $200K to Boys & Girls Clubs


The Cherokee Nation donated a total of nearly $200,000 to eight Boys & Girls Clubs within the Cherokee Nation’s jurisdiction, including more than $80,000 to the Cherokee County Boys & Girls Club, on Thursday at a presentation in the Cherokee Nation Tribal Complex.

“The Cherokee Nation proudly supports the mission and work of the Boys and Girls Clubs in our communities,” Principal Chief Bill John Baker said. “The benefits Cherokee youth receive from these organizations are tremendous. Club participation means access to potential lifelong friends and mentors. Our young people deserve every opportunity to grow into their full potential, and the Boys and Girls Club is another avenue where we can have a positive influence in the lives of Cherokee children.”

Currently, the programs serve 11,000 students. The funds help the afterschool programs continue character and leadership development among both Cherokee youth and non-Native students.

To date, the Cherokee Nation has donated $480,331.09 to the Cherokee County Boys & Girls Club. The tribe has contributed nearly $1.7 million total to help the eight organizations with salaries, operation costs and materials since 2008.

“The Cherokee Nation donation is very important to our club because it allows us to serve more students,” said Dennis Kelley, chief professional officer of the Cherokee County Boys & Girls Club. “Cherokee County Boys & Girls Club uses the Cherokee Nation funds to serve additional students as well as give scholarships to parents and students that need assistance.”

Checks to be awarded

Organization               Enrollment      Award Amount

Adair County              1,322              $23,820.92

Bartlesville                  846                 $15,243.95

Chelsea                        452                 $8,144.52

Tahlequah                    4,469              $80,526.24

Delaware Co.              1,535               $27,658.94

Green Country-Pryor  469                  $8,450.84

Nowata                        671                  $12,090.65

Sequoyah Co.              1,058               $19,063.94

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Submitted by Flower on
I pray this isn't the same organization that has non-native club scouts dressing up and imitating sacred Pueblo dances.