Video: Man on the Street: NMAI Impressions Before and After

Vincent Schilling

Recently, ICTMN’s Man on the Street Vincent Schilling was in Washington, D.C. and thought it would be a great opportunity to ask some people what they thought about the National Museum of the American Indian.

Considering some folks have never been to the NMAI, what did they expect? Are they influenced by stereotypes? Will they be seeing costumes or regalia? Or, will some not be surprised at all?

We received a few well-thought out answers that gave us a small peek into the minds of the unfamiliar with the true wealth of diversity that is ever present in Indian country.

Do you have a question for ICTMN’s Man on the Street? Just tweet @IndianCountry or @VinceSchilling and use the hashtag #ManOnTheStreet.

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