A screen shot of the statute that was taken

'Extremely Heavy' $6,500 Native American Statue Stolen From Yard

Simon Moya-Smith

Was it stolen? … Or liberated?

A large bronze statue of a Native American on a horse gripping an eagle was taken from a woman’s front yard in Arnold, Missouri, early Monday, according to police.

Witnesses said the statue, valued at $6,500, was loaded onto the bed of a white truck and hauled away around 2:10 a.m., reported NBC St. Louis news affiliate KSDK.

“It’s a very valuable statue. It’s bronze, life size, extremely heavy. How they got away with that one, I don’t know,” said Charlene Stephens, the owner of the statue.

Stephens, who has more statues in her backyard, lives next to a government center, which has surveillance cameras. Stephens said she hopes one of the cameras caught footage of the theft.

No suspects have been identified and a license plate number was not reported.

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Submitted by bullbear on
I don't believe that there is a big demand for bronze scrap metal, so you may be lucky and it won't get melted down. Don't waste a minute, send a photo and contact info to newspapers, art galleries, and any sources that would have an interest in buying metal sculptures. If they can't sell it quickly, the thieves may be inclined to dispose of it. Good luck! Suggest you put secure fencing around your valuable property to deter any future would-be thieves.