Nope, no matter how much you spent detailing that beat-up ole rez mobile, you cannot deduct the cost.

Tax Day: 10 Things Native People Can't Claim as Deductions

Vincent Schilling

Don’t look now, but April 15 is upon us, and it sure has snuck up! Unless of course you are getting money back, in which case you probably have already spent your refund. Great, you needed a new couch anyway. Too bad it wasn’t enough to get that recliner with cup holders to go with it.

Anyway, here we are on tax deadline day, when some of our readers might be scrounging around for some last-minute deductions and wondering if there are any you can take as a Native American. To strip some of the mystery out of tax time, we have compiled a list of things that might appear on a Native person’s deductibility wish list but are at best marginal and at worst risky.

On the one hand, there could be some legitimate deductions for, say, craft supplies if you’re a Native business owner, or regalia if you’re a dancer, said CPA Billy Holbert at the Virginia accounting firm Amburn-Holbert and Associates. On the other hand, he emphasized that it can be tricky—you’d have to really work hard to nail down the craft supply deduction, for example, and it might not take. Heck, you can just call Billy if you have any questions.

All of this said, here are 10 Things That Native People can't claim on their tax returns. 

Beat-Up Rez Mobile Modifications

That rez car you want to fix up?  You know, the one that will cost more to fix than if you just bought a new car? Forget about it. Uncle Sam says you can’t claim it unless you use it as your primary business vehicle.

Sorry folks, the beat-up rez mobile is not a deduction. (Photo:

Damaged-Feather Repair

Unless you own “Wolf McGee’s Feather Beautifying Service” or some similar venture making money related to feathers, sorry Bub, no IRS break here if you just wear feathers to look awesome.



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Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
Can you deduct the cost of the Xanax you need because all your neighbors are rednecks?

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Submitted by hesutu on
This may sound silly to some, but I am impressed, amazed and positively thrilled to see the photo of a sack of flour which was milled in itsy bitsy tiny little Cortez -- which you chose because it is the closest city to Mesa Verde. Just want you to know I appreciate your attention to detail and easter eggs!

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
Good eye,hesutu! Did anyone recognize Gary Farmer and his pony from "Pow Wow Highway?"