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Jude Schimmel

Jude Schimmel on Taking the Leadership Reins For Louisville Basketball

Jack McNeel

In Indian Country, the name Jude Schimmel is instantly recognizable.

Jude recently appeared in the May issue of Glamour magazine as one of their Top 10 Women of College.

She was asked to submit an application form to Glamour and initially didn’t give it much thought, but she soon realized it was a pretty big deal.

“Why was I chosen? I’m just a little girl that grew up on a reservation,” she said to ICTMN. “I never could have believed I’d be in a big time magazine like that.”

“I’m so happy Jude got picked for the Glamour honor,” said Ceci Schimmel, Jude’s mother. “It was so up her alley. She loves fashion. She met great people, intellectual people that are on her level. It was fun to watch her be in her own element, going to Broadway shows and just going to downtown New York.”

The winners were selected based on grades and extracurricular activities in the communities. “We visited a bunch of different reservations last summer,” Jude said. “I think that was part of the reason I was selected.” The other part likely was that she won the Elite 89 Award at the NCAA tournament her sophomore year for having the highest GPA of any player in the Final Four.

Jude and the other nine young women met in New York City for a jam-packed three days. “It was a lot of fun and a really great experience,” Jude said, “and I actually built quite a few friendships.”

Jude finished high school in three years and is on track to finish college in three years as well. She will graduate this fall with a major in sociology and a minor in communications at just 20 years old. She will begin a graduate degree in the fall while playing her final year of college ball.

“A couple of us are going to have to step up and make a significant impact if we want to make a run in the NCAA tournament,” she said of her Louisville women’s basketball team, which lost her older sister, Shoni, to the WNBA. “I want to be more of a scoring threat and my shot needs to come quicker. Those are my biggest goals right now and obviously, being a senior, I want to be one of the team leaders that everyone can look up to and listen to.”

She says the Cardinals team will be very different with the leaders graduating, including her sister, who was drafted by the Atlanta Dream just days ago.


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