Turning Stone Resort Casino is advancing the global hygeniene revolution with Clean the World, Inc.

Reducing Landfill Waste & Saving Lives: Turning Stone Partners With Clean the World


The Oneida Indian Nation is raising the bar for environmental sustainability. Through a partnership with nonprofit Clean the World, Inc., the tribe's Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York, has recycled more than 8,000 pounds of use hygiene products, such as soaps and shampoos, in less than three months. Through sanitary recycling, the resort is reducing unnecessary waste and preventing disesase, while also repurposing these products for emergency relief efforts, and for delivery to developing countries and homeless shelters.

Since the tribe began participating in the nonprofit's recycling program in February 2014, Turning Stone has helped create more than 22,000 soap bars for use by Clean the World, Inc., in addition to contributing 3,000 pounds of plastic for recycling, thus helping to minimize landfill waste.

Turning Stone will add to its current total by recycling the resort’s more than 300,000 soap bars and 440,000 bottled hygiene products used annually.

Turning Stone's efforts are helping save lives by increasing the distribution of hygiene products to impoverished areas throughout the world. Studies show hand washing with soap can effectively reduce the instances of diarrheal disease and acute respiratory infection, the leading global causes of death for children under five.

Clean the World formed in 2009, and in those five years the nonprofit has distributed more than 1.2 million pounds of soap, shampoo and other amenities to dozens of countries in need worldwide. In the past five years alone, Clean the World and its partners have diverted more than 2 million pounds from clogging landfills.

Turning Stone's new recycling initiative demonstrates and reinforces the tribe's dedication to charitable causes and environmental sustainability. Turning Stone uses water from its drainage systems and reclaimed city water to irrigate the complex’s grounds and golf courses. As a 24/7 resort, Turning Stone utilizes LED lights and photo sensors that adjust to natural daylight to conserve electricity. Special roof coating materials are also used throughout the facility to extend the rubber’s life and keep the materials cooler on hot days, thus reducing the amount of work required from the air conditioning systems.

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I do hope that this story reaches a much wider audience and hope that readers share it as much as possible. The Oneida's are again leading the way and setting an excellent example that I hope most industry and others will follow. I am thankful to read a positive and innovative story and I hope that it inspires others to act. Way to Go!