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Chief Red Wing Day will symbolically replace Columbus Day in Red Wing, Minnesota.

Chief Red Wing Day Symbolically Replaces Columbus Day in Minnesota


Another Minnesota city is moving toward recognition of this country’s first peoples. The Red Wing City Council voted on Monday, April 28 to celebrate Chief Red Wing Day instead of Columbus Day on the second Monday in October.

“From what I’ve read about Columbus, I don’t understand why we’re even celebrating Christopher Columbus Day,” Mayor Dan Bender told the Post Bulletin.

Even though the move to celebrate Chief Red Wing to promote education about the area’s earliest inhabitants is a symbolic one since the city doesn’t have the authority to change a federal holiday, it’s an important one.

“There are a lot of things we do that are symbolic,” Council president Lisa Bayley told “And we do it because symbols matter.”

“It’s an important symbol and an important move to show how we feel about our (Native American) community members,” she told the Post Bulletin.

Red Wing is named after a chief who was called Hupahuduta, which means “a swan’s wing dyed in red.” A U.S. Army officer suggested the name of Red Wing after the chief.

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