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Neal McCaleb, left, Chickasaw Nation Ambassador At-Large to the United States, receives applause at the unveiling of his portrait in a ceremony honoring him by the Putnam City Public Schools Foundation. Joining the ambassador on stage is the foundation’s chairman, Charles Lundeen.

Chickasaw Ambassador Honored; Talks About Teachers Making a Difference

Chickasaw Nation Release

Three governors witnessed Chickasaw Nation Ambassador At-Large to the United States receive honors for his never-ending mission to enhance the quality of life of others.

Neal McCaleb was honored by the Putnam City Public Schools Foundation recently at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. Governor Bill Anoatubby and former Oklahoma chief executives Brad Henry and Frank Keating joined more than 430 others in attendance.

McCaleb became the 11th honoree of the foundation’s Wall of Fame.

McCaleb used the honor to speak about the importance of teachers who touch the lives of students every day.

He singled out one instructor from his youth, calling her simply “Miss Hickey.” McCaleb’s mother died when McCaleb was 5 years old, but Miss Hickey was there “when I needed some special attention,” he said.

“Teachers do make a giant difference in the lives of kids,” he said. “It was a time when I needed some special attention. My mother had just passed away the year before and Miss Hickey was a loving teacher, a good teacher who brought the kids along well.

“She made everybody feel the warmth of her love. Teachers are so important in the development of the lives of children.”

He recalled “I had the honor of nominating her for teacher of the year when I was serving in the Oklahoma Legislature” and said his fondness and memories of her remain fresh 61 years after graduating Putnam City High School.

The foundation is celebrating the centennial of Putnam City Schools. McCaleb, with a gleeful voice, noted he has celebrated 72 of those years “almost three-quarters of the centennial. I started at Putnam City in first grade and graduated in 1953.”

It was former Gov. Keating who asked the audience to look at the breadth of the ambassador’s selflessness to others since “1953 right on through to 2014.”

McCaleb served Gov. Keating’s administration as secretary of the Oklahoma Transportation Department and leader of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.

“What is amazing to me about Neal, and for all of us who love him as a human being, a dad, as a husband, as a father and grandfather, is that he is always optimistic and always trying to do better for others,” Gov. Keating said. “He was always thinking big. He was always thinking about Oklahoma. He was never ‘through.’ (His) is a life that isn’t ending anytime soon, but is committed to us as a friend and neighbor. (His life) is a magnificent panorama of a fellow Oklahoman.”


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