United Tribes of Michigan Press for Mental Health Funding, Oppose Redskins


United Tribes of Michigan convened May 13 at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mt. Pleasant to discuss issues common to the 12 federally-recognized Tribes in the state.

One of the most pressing issues discussed was the need for an improved method to streamline funding for substance abuse and mental health services. The current method requires Tribes to apply for federal grants for much of the available funding to provide behavioral and mental health services, but Tribes are lobbying for a method that allows for a continual stream of funding similar to that of state agencies.

Tribal leaders also unanimously approved support of a letter opposing the use of the term ‘Redskins’ as the mascot name for the Washington, D.C. NFL football team, pointing out that every major English dictionary describes the term as ‘derogatory.’

"Tribal leaders continue to strive for excellence in quality of life and general welfare issues and collaborate on matters of civil rights, family preservation and protection from human trafficking predators," said Homer A. Mandoka, Tribal Council Chair for the Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi.

Following his report on his department’s activities related to Indian issues, Matt Wesaw, Director of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, shared a message from Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources highlighting the DNR’s effort to recruit Native Americans for positions across the department. A list of positions open in the DNR and other state agencies is available at www.mitalent.org.

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Brothers and sisters, the scale is starting to tip that sends a clear message to owners and supporters of the Washington Redsk*n. This is a time in our country's history whereby people of all colors can stand up for what is right and we can one day look back and see that our country has a conscience and tells the world, we will do right by ALL People. "I am no more proud of my career as an athlete than I am of the fact I am a direct descendant of the noble warrior [Chief Black Hawk]" was quoted by Jim Thorpe (Sac and Fox), considered to be greatest athlete of all time. Jim Thorpe was the first president of the American Professional Football Association in 1920 which two years later was renamed National Football League (NFL). Jim's words speak for themselves on his perspective of being Native American and sports. Change the name, Mr. Snyder, and give all tribal nations their due respect. These are some of the largest tribes in the U.S. Please urge your leadership to act in official capacity to proclaim its opposition to the R-word; Navajo (resolution adopted) Cherokee Sioux Chippewa Choctaw Apaches Pueblos Iroquois Creek Blackfeet These 14 states have well over 100,000 American Indians/Alaska Natives that should also show their support; California Oklahoma Arizona Texas New Mexico Washington New York North Carolina Florida Alaska Michigan Oregon Colorado Minnesota