Crescent moon and Venus in a configuration similar to the striking sight set for the pre-dawn hours of

Spectacular Pre-Dawn Sight: Lovers Reunite as Moon and Venus Snuggle Closer Than Ever


The moon and Venus are at it again, snuggling especially close for their May rendezvous this weekend.

An hour or so before dawn on Sunday May 25, be sure to check the eastern horizon for a spectacular sight—not to mention a photo op—as the waning crescent moon gets kissed by the planet of love.

“The two worlds will have a particularly eye-catching close encounter, being less than 3 degrees apart,” National Geographic tells us. “This sky event will surely make for a great photo opportunity, as the foreground landscape can be used to frame the cosmic pair.”

Venus will sit just below the crescent moon, according to Sky and Telescope. And, bonus, if you look closely you might catch some earthshine on the moon’s dark side, tells us.

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Together the two will shine like jewels, a stunning, gleaming pair of heavenly bodies to take your breath away and make you glad to be alive. Not to be missed!

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