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A supercell thunderstorm, the kind that spawns tornadoes and golf-sized hail, formed over Wyoming on May 18 and was caught on camera by Base Hunters, a storm-chasing group. The shot, for obvious reasons, went viral.

Video: Watch This Rare, Incredible Storm Cloud Form in Time Lapse


It’s the season of extreme weather, especially for thunderstorms and tornadoes over the plains.

But this cloud, which looks like it is on the verge of funneling, is actually a specific, and rare, type of storm, according to USA Today. The photo is of the “rotating updraft of a supercell thunderstorm over eastern Wyoming,” Weather Channel meteorologist Jon Erdman told the newspaper.

A supercell is the “largest, strongest and longest-lasting” variety of thunderstorm, USA Today said, and most commonly forms on the Great Plains. These “highly organized storms,” as the National Weather Service describes them, produce just about every significant tornado as well as those golfball-sized hailstones.

“Supercells are also known to produce extreme winds and flash flooding,” the National Weather Service said. The updrafts can travel 100 mph, produce the aforementioned gargantuan hail and “strong and/or violent tornadoes,” while the downdrafts can travel equally fast, to devastating effect. 

The photo was taken by the storm chasing group Basehunters, which posted the amazing shot to Twitter, tweeting incredulously, "Some epic structure by Clareton, WY several hours ago!!!"

Earthsky.org got in on the action, snagging a time-lapse video that Basehunters created of the storm forming. 

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Pat Thorpe Justice
Pat Thorpe Justice
Submitted by Pat Thorpe Justice on
I pray I never see one of these. However, If the Great Spirit should see fit to use one to protect His/Her sacred land from ones who would defile it, maybe that is why it occurs.

WinterWindTeacher's picture
Submitted by WinterWindTeacher on
It is amazing, an extraordinary being - grand. So many times I have heard the repeated propaganda phrase 'The United States is the powerful nation in the world.' I have seen that this simply is not the truth. The great powers of the world are the giants like this gathering storm cloud. I sense that these giants are nearby and invisible at times; earthquake, volcano, tornado/hurricane, tsunami, thunder-lightning, snow, rain, and sun.I see these as the true great powers of the earth which no people, country, or military can control, oppress, or dominate, or conquer. It is only through understanding and respect of earth and life and living in harmony that we can hope to avoid some tremendous tragedy. I feel these giant beings are living among us daily, visible and invisible. Modern science with it's technology tries to predict the behavior of these giants, what temperatures, expected rainfall, swells of he ocean waves.The giants can suddenly appear and with stupendous strength cause tremendous destruction and death and in a very brief period of time. With all the violence that occurs daily and the harm being inflicted on earth and life it seems that there is a pattern of these giants both increasing in strength and frequency of occurrence. The wars being waged against earth, life, nations and humanity must stop or the