Jupiter and the moon will form a nice pair in the post-sunset western skies of June 1 and June 2, with Mercury off near the horizon.

Crescent Moon Dances With Jupiter, Mercury Hovers Nearby


A week ago the moon was cavorting with Venus before sunrise, but now Earth’s satellite has changed alliances and turned its attention to the evening.

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The planets are at it again, and this time shy Mercury will hover at the edge of the action. Morning star Venus is away, so the moon and Jupiter will play. It all happens in the west about an hour and a half after sunset, according to In fact they are the brightest two objects in the sky this month.

Mercury, on the other hand, must be looked for just after sunset. The rounded curve of the crescent moon “points” to this closest planet to the sun, notes. And it is aimed more or less at the closest planet to the sun.

Also on June 1, Mars’s yellow-orange hue will be visible in the south, according to Sky & Telescope.

And the show doesn’t end on June 1. If you miss it on Sunday night, the three planets will form a similar triangle again on Monday June 2, says. The moon’s crescent will be a tiny bit chubbier, but that will merely make for an even brighter sight. Jupiter’s luminosity will be just as obvious as the night before.

“Look westward after sunset on June 1, 2014 to see the waxing crescent moon and brilliant planet Jupiter lighting up the evening twilight,” explains “If it’s at all clear, it’ll be hard to miss them, because the moon and Jupiter are so bright! They are the brightest and second-brightest celestial bodies in the June 2014 evening sky.”

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