Courtesy Chickasaw Nation
Chickasaw veterans are shown at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery. From left are Billy Duckworth, Cartwright, Oklahoma; Ken Jones, Anchorage, Alaska; Beaman Wisdom, Prescott, Arizona; Lewis Laxton, Roff, Oklahoma; Rex Lawson, Ben Lomond, California; Robert Lawrence, Trinidad, Texas; Sharon Cole, Ada, Oklahoma; James Sparks, Jacksonsville, North Carolina; John Holmes, Carmichael, California; Al Hendricks, Kenefic, Oklahoma; Charles Rivas, Wichita, Kansas; Ted Worley, Tecumseh, Oklahoma; Scott Rodke, Temple, Texas; Paul Straughn, Wilson, Oklahoma: Ralph Johnston, Ardmore, Oklahoma; Ted Milligan, Albany, Oregon; (front) and Paul Willis, Nampa, South Dakota

Chickasaw Veterans Recall Angst of Cuban Missile Crisis

Chickasaw Nation Release

Bob Lawrence remembers exactly where he was during the Cuban Missile Crisis. While many historians agree the world came within minutes of a nuclear holocaust, Lawrence’s firsthand account adds support to those claims.

Lawrence was serving on a U.S. Navy destroyer escort in 1962 when the crew stopped a Russian trawler bound for Cuba. When the commanding officer of the U.S. ship asked permission to board the nuclear transport disguised as a fishing vessel the captain refused.

That led to an hours long standoff resolved only when the Russian vessel turned back.


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