Obama Visits Indian Country in ND, Follow Along With ICTMN’s Twitter

Vincent Schilling

On Friday the 13th, President Barack Obama will be visiting tribal Leaders and other tribal members during his visit to the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation. In light of this historic day, we know that you in Indian country will be there in person or spirit.

We want to hear from you tomorrow on Twitter.

So, if you want to join us or tweet to us, correspondent @VinceSchilling will be listening and tweeting live from our @IndianCountry twitter account. All day long, we are asking for your comments, pictures, thoughts and tweets.

We will be tweeting using the #PrezRezVisit hashtag.

So whether you are on site in North Dakota, watching coverage in Alaska or Florida or blogging from San Francisco, ICTMN wants to hear your thoughts and see your pictures from the day. We will be retweeting you and might include among the day’s best tweets in our follow up article.

Remember, use the #PrezRezVisit hashtag.

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Waabooz Biboon
Submitted by Waabooz Biboon on
I would like President Obama to pardon Leonard Peltier; he didn't do it. What has happened to Leonard is not justice; it's retribution and face-saving for the FBI. This is wrong and it is unacceptable. America needs to be a country that is intellectually and emotionally honest with its people. In the case of Leonard Peltier, America is not living up to herself. Pine Ridge was a troubled area and no FBI agent should have gone there armed (like a Ruby Ridge or Waco, TX). Negotiators should have been sent instead; to listen, understand and ease the problem(s). The FBI, going onto Pine Ridge armed and with an attitude of forcing submission precipitated what happened. Then, when the FBI could not locate the real person responsible, the government and the courts indulged in some kind of homegrown version of 'conversion' to grab anybody to pay the price. This was not good government. This was not good law. This was not good anything and it still stands today. Leonard Peltier needs to be given a full pardon with prejudice for an incorrect handling of that situation from the beginning and through all the check points all the way down the line. I'd like to see Leonard go home to his wife and family and I hope that President Obama will grant a full pardon with prejudice before leaving office.