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President Barack Obama poses with Native America dancers during his visit to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation Friday, June 13, 2014, photo in Cannon Ball, N.D.

10 Great PrezRezVisit Tweets From Obama's Visit to Standing Rock

Simon Moya-Smith

And then there were four.

On a windy Friday afternoon on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, President Barack Obama – arriving on ‘Indian Time’ – became the fourth U.S. president to ever visit an Indian reservation. The day was marked by celebration, tradition, optimism and pessimism and, of course, good ol’ fashioned Native American humor.

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At one point during the event, the day’s emcee, who was left to kill time, asked a man standing near the stage where he was from. “Washington, D.C.,” the man said. The emcee asked the unidentified man if he were a Washington Redskins fan, then immediately prodded the crowd, “How many of you like the Washington Redskins?” A silence fell over the arena before distant echoes of laughter broke the quiet. “Aaaayyyy!” the emcee chuckled.

Here are 10 #PrezRezVisit tweets from Indian country about the president's visit to Standing Rock:







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Flower's picture
Submitted by Flower on
It looked like a beautiful day full of happiness and excitement especially for the kids. Good blessings for everyone. I was able to see the live streaming and feel that it was best the mainstream media stayed out of it to keep it as a private and personal event between our people and guests. There were ugly comments on several news articles which have since been removed and it was sad for me to see that some people can't see this as anything but another beautiful day between family and friends.

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
I looks like it was a wonderful event! I am happiest to see so many smiling children represent. I can't believe that only four Presidents have visited "Indian Country" before. ____________________________________________________________ My main contact with government figures was during Bush's 2nd term. I was on a morning walk and my citizenship was questioned by a Border Patrolman. I told him my family lived in this area before his great-grandfather was born. I've since come to realize that "illegal" to Conservatives is synonymous with "dark-skinned."

sdd's picture
Submitted by sdd on
So he visits one rez, and then steals land from another