Caption from 'Walt enjoys the company of fellow pageant judge, and 1978 Miss Cheyenne winner, Neena Wapasha (Kimberly Guerrero).'

How 'Longmire' Gets it Right: Native Adviser Marcus Redthunder [Video]


In the most recent episode of Longmire, a crime drama set in Wyoming, Sheriff Walt Longmire ended up judging a Miss Cheyenne pageant. This being a TV show, of course, Walt soon stumbled upon a lead in a murder case. Now in its third season, the show has been received warmly by critics; it's also become a favorite among ICTMN readers due to its setting and plot elements tied to a nearby Northern Cheyenne Indian reservation.

Monday's show featured not just a glimpse into the world of Native American pageants, but also some prime-time face time for Native actresses Kimberly Norris Guerrero and Irene Bedard. (To watch the full episode, visit And as with all episodes of the show, adviser Marcus Redthunder helped shape the look and content of Native storyline, which in this episode brought to light the issue of involuntary sterilization of Native women.

Here's a clip produced by A&E about Redthunder and the work he does on the show:

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Pediowoman's picture
Submitted by Pediowoman on
I am not a watcher of TV but I do tape and watch Longmire. The books are excellent too.

KateInMT's picture
Submitted by KateInMT on
Marcus Redthunder is truly an amazing man. I have learned more about Native culture from him than from any other source. I'm honored to know him.

Anthony Janis
Anthony Janis
Submitted by Anthony Janis on
sounds good

Charlotte Garron
Charlotte Garron
Submitted by Charlotte Garron on
I started watching on the second season and was hooked. I have now read all of the books. Craig Johnson is a master storyteller. I have always been envious of Canadian TV and their native inspired television programs. Now we have one of two available to us. Hopefully it is a new beginning and there will be many more. When do you see Natives in anything on TV in present day otherwise? I say bring it on.

Niimikwe's picture
Submitted by Niimikwe on
Haven't had a t.v. in years, but watched this episode online. It was okay--and the Native actresses were wonderful--but I was bewildered at the cadence of Lou Diamond Phillips' character's speech. I expected him to say "Me heap big Indian" at any moment!! That stilted, over-enunciated speech is the old Hollywood stereotype of how Indians talk!! And I'm not sure, since I just watched one episode--but is this another one of those Indian sidekick shows? (You know, white guy with his calm, stoic Indian companion...)

rockymissouri's picture
Submitted by rockymissouri on
Thanks for the clip. I didn't realize it had a strong native identity. New fan, here. I used to watch 'North Of 60', a series from the CBC in Canada....and was sad when they quit filming. Canada and the US have such gifted Native actors....when I see them on TV, it's like catching up with an old friend...

Bloody_Heck's picture
Submitted by Bloody_Heck on
Highly rated and intelligently written Longmire starring Lou Diamond Phillips with Native Adviser Marcus Redthunder has been cancelled. We will have to get our Longmire re-runs on Netflix :( The producers and cast are fighting hard to find it a new home. #longLiveLongmire