Save, Print, Share: 12 Inspiring Posters from Tar Sands Healing Walk


Today, at Fort McMurry First Nation, Alberta, the fifth and final Healing Walk for the Tar Sands concludes. The walk is a protest against the devastation being wrought in the region by oil sands extraction. Based on prior experience, the action's website,, gave this description:

We will smell the crude oil and toxic plumes, especially if the wind pushes back south. Some walkers, as in past years, will be forced to stop walking due to breathing difficulties or bloody noses.  We will walk at ground zero of the oilands, surrounded by vast oilsands mines.

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According to a CBC News report, hundreds marched. 

To promote awareness of the event, organizers created graphics featuring Tribal leaders, environmental activists, and Native celebrities expressing their concerns over the dire situation in their own words. These powerful portraits are suitable for posting to Facebook and Twitter:

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