Misconception: Columbus was the only guy who thought the world was round.

Video: 5 Historical Misconceptions—Columbus Was Smart


In a video for his YouTube channel, essayist CGP Grey describes 5 historic misconceptions—one being that Christopher Columbus was actually kind of a smart guy. He did believe the world was round, but he wasn’t the first to believe that.

“The biggest misconception is that everyone else thought the world was flat but Columbus was the only guy smart enough to know that it’s round,” CGP Grey says in the video. “It makes a daring story, but knowledge of a spherical earth goes back to at least 5,000 BC—that’s 6,500 years before Columbus set sail.”

Other misconceptions covered by CGP Grey include Vikings and their horned helmets, Lady Godiva’s naked ride, Napoleon’s height, and the Vomitorium.

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Columbus (Colon) was smart, he was running a con on the throne. If he had argued the correct size, then they knew he could not get that far. He intentionally did NOT let them know the Americas were here. The Norse, Irish, Bretons, Basques all knew,. the last 3 fished off Cape Cod for centuries. That there were occasion canoes w/ & w/o people (some alive) washed up on west Ireland shores. Would the throne have financed a trip to unknown America, not likely. Some hold that he was hoping for a escape exile location for the Iberian Jews, but it was too late, as they were forced out 2 days before he sailed., he commented on it in his diary. There is considerable evidence that he was a Marrano, most of crew were, the financiers & instrument makes were. his wife was from Canary Island where many Marranos had resettled,. Evidently most of the Spanish into Texas,NM, Colo & the SE were Marranos.