Video: No Butter? No Oil? Chef Bitsoie’s Delicious Native Corn Chowder

Jorge Martin Melchor

Native Chef Freddie Bitsoie wants to take Native cuisine to the masses. A Navajo and professionally trained chef, he believes Native cuisine can be a healthy option for anyone trying to eat better. Bitsoie has traveled the country learning about Native dishes from many different cultures, and his goal is to take all food with Native roots – from well-known dishes like corn chowder to the more traditional fry bread – and make it accessible to everyone. Here, he shows how to make corn chowder with herbs, vegetables and a little bit of bacon.

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Carol Ann Highpine Beal
Carol Ann Highp...
Submitted by Carol Ann Highp... on
Great video it's about time i am Lakota Sioux and always wanted to open a native american restaurant but never had the resources to do it