Video Vault: Listen to Lakota Elder Talk About Education


Sinte Gleska University features this video on its Spotlight on Lakota Studies page, and we thought it was worth highlighting.

Laura Black TomaHawk’s message about education is no less relevant today than it was when she spoke at Sinte Gleska University.

She talks about the importance of education for the Lakota people and how things were when she went to school—it was a boarding school then. She talks about how the younger generation needs to pay attention and learn all they can to succeed.

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Submitted by verykatja on
Thank you for sharing your experienced wisdom. In Switzerland the educating system now puts much emphasis on the awareness of social, environmental, economical and political interdependences. It teaches so during all the compulsory school (5 to 15 years old) to children of whatsoever origin. If some of your experts would be inspired to become teachers there, maybe the next generation may sign new conventions in Geneva to which any president in the world will have to bent to. (The idea is : if the delta is rotten, try and cure its source at the glacier.)