Blackfeet Community College
Group photo of 2014 AIHEC winning chess team, pictured from left, holding 1st place team trophy is Ryan LaForge, Clint NotAfraid, George Bostwick, Joey Razo, in suit and tie is BCC chess coach and 2014 AIHEC Coach of the Year, Dr. Mark C. Anderson.

Blackfeet Community College Churning Out Chess Champions


The Blackfeet Community College Chess Team won first place at the 2014 American Indian Higher Education Consortium National Chess Championships held this March in Billings, Montana.

The four winning team members received a team trophy and a team chess jacket.

The Chess Club at the college is more than just a game or just a club, it is a three-credit course that combines critical thinking with the game of chess.

“In this discussion‐intensive seminar, students will learn critical thinking skills, and through speaking and writing activities engage in the process of social discourse,” reads the course description. “Students will examine their lives as agents of social change and explore what a higher education can mean to them in terms of personal growth and exploration, as well as career development.”

The course also examines issues using the “lens of the chessboard”—chess being used in literature and film is a topic in the course.

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