Kenny Frost
The Iroquois Nationals are welcomed at the opening ceremonies in Denver, Colorado on July 10, 2014

Watch! Countries Come Together to Celebrate the World Lacrosse Games


When the 38 nations from around the world came to Denver, Colorado to compete in the 2014 FIL World Championships, each of them brought a little bit of their culture and heritage with them.

Each team carried a flag or dressed in their nation’s relevant attire as they walked around Dick’s Sporting Goods Field before the games officially began on July 10. It is the largest lacrosse tournament in the history of the games.

Among the 38 nations, nine countries made their World Championships debut: Belgium, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Israel, Russia, Thailand, Turkey and Uganda. The Iroquois Nationals are the only team competing internationally as a sovereign nation, and they brought every bit of Native culture to Denver. The audience, which is expected to draw at least 100,000 visitors, watched Native dancers perform and were in awe of the beautiful regalia.

Over the course of the event 142 games will be played in just ten days, as the championship ends on July 19.

If you missed it, watch a preview of the opening ceremonies below.

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