Vincent Schilling
A Native would never look at an elder like this.

10 More Things You'd Never Catch a Native Doing or Saying

Vincent Schilling

With so much faux-Native behavior out there—from sporting a sacred headdress at a party, to wanton hunting—it can get dicey telling Native people apart from mainstreamers. 

Wait, what? Let's try that again.

Truth is, the differences are legion, and there is a virtually unending supply of things that you’d never catch a Native doing or saying. Back in March we posted some of them and reached out via ICTMN’s Facebook page. Tons of additional things that in all likelihood you’d never catch an indigenous person doing poured in. In  the same vein, here are 10 MORE Things You’d Probably Never Catch a Native Doing or Saying.

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Smiling while studying U.S. history

Whether it studying is about a bunch of people that have nothing to do Native history or the onslaught of settlers into a world that wasn’t too happy these lands were already occupied, the chances of ever finding a Native person with a big grin studying U.S. History would be a fairly impossible task.

“Sorry Professor, I don’t find this book very inspiring.”

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Disrespecting an Elder

Thanks to many of our Facebook and other social media followers who noted that being disrespectful to our elders is just something we will not do. Being taught the values of respect and honor to those who have been on this earth longer than us, we know that elders are people whom we respect.

Photo: Vincent Schilling

Rocking mocs labeled “Made in China”

Let’s give a big shout to traditional Grass Dancer Danny Garneaux, who came up with this gem. Danny you got this one right, no rubber soled, plastic beaded mocs for us brother, HOKA!


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Wait, I'm the only smartass who asks the blood quantum question back to non-Native people? Observe: Q: "So, how Indian are you?" A: "Depends who you ask. How white are you?" The look that follows is priceless.