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This is where the U.S.-Canada border gets weird.

Video: An Amusing Look at the Quirky Border Between the U.S. and Canada


It’s well known that the border between what are today Canada and the United States is an arbitrary line cutting across Turtle Island, chopping more than one Native asunder. Just ask the Blackfeet, Mohawk, Ojibwe or any of the salmon tribes of the Northwest.

However it gets even a bit whackier than that, as this video outlines. The borderline itself consists of a 20-foot strip of clear-cut forest, as an opinion piece in The New York Times noted a couple of years ago, that zigzags back and forth across the 49th Parallel, the official line between the two countries. The 912 markers that dot this supposedly ruler-straight line stray from it by as many as several hundred feet. 

Moreover, a few deviations were built in as the border was drawn—making for this irreverent, informative video. 

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