Who Is Ted Nugent Calling Unclean?

Marty Two Bulls

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andre's picture
Funny how the thought process of these neanderthal devils never changes. Yet they continue to take everything they can from you.
Injun IPat Murphy
Injun IPat Murphy
Reminds me of a tribal member's recollection of a hunt he and Ted Nugent went on here in New Mexico. The Native chuckled remarking that Ted thought they were going to shed their clothes to hunt elk. Ted was disappointed when the Natives showed up clothed in camouflage. Ted also thought he was still on his Texas ranch - which can be compared to a zoo where docile "wild" animals are fired upon by Nugent sitting in a tree stand. Anyway, Ted had to put some effort in walking and actually preying on a small herd of wild elk. Ted's ignorance showed when he confused the New MExico tribe to plains Natives who wear headdresses and utilize teepees. This Native will now begin boycotting venues and corporations like Hard Rock or any brands that condone Nugent and his vermin remarks against Native Americans.
Salt Spring Val's picture
Salt Spring Val
It's nice in the age of social media that this guy gets a clear look at himself through the eyes of others... he's a shameful embarrassment to all of us too. But the Neanderthals are in all of us in our DNA unless we live in Africa and our ancestors never left there, like the San Bushmen from whom we all derive. They are the same people, peaceful people, who were in the movie "The Gods Must Be Crazy". We are all connected, but there must have been a group that proliferated through racism and exclusion... because here they are today, ruining the world for everyone with their greed and their ugly racism that flies in the face of truth. Which is, we are all connected to a little group of copper-coloured people who still live to this day if Africa. (See, The Journey of Man with Spencer Wells on YouTube) I love it that we are all human, from the same source, and the racists do no want to accept they- we- are all of us African in origin, and the DNA blood science makes that irrefutable. Some have no right to hold themselves above the rest.


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