The Hot List, Part II: Must-See Native Actresses [25 Photos]


In The Hot List, Part I, we let the boys have their day, spotlighting charismatic Native actors Chaske Spencer, Tatanka Means, Moses Brings Plenty, Michael Spears, and Kiowa Gordon. We told you there would be more parts -- and here's the second. These five actresses light up the screen whenever they get a chance, and even when they're in between jobs they'll keep your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feeds beautiful. Here they are -- five Native actresses you have to see.

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Tonantzin Carmelo

Tonantzin Carmelo, Tongva and Kumeyaay, attracted a lot of attention back in 2005 as Thunder Heart Woman in Into the West, and she has been regularly employed in Hollywood ever since. How many other Native thespians can say they've been in acclaimed indie films (Shouting Secrets, The Activist), the video game Dead Space, and the animated TV series American Dad!? Carmelo grew up dancing in a troupe led by her mother, Virginia Carmelo, and has released three albums of traditional Native music in the Canyon Records label.

Connect: Tonantzin Carmelo's official site

Tonantzin Carmelo. Source:

Tonantzin Carmelo. Source:

Tonantzin Carmelo. Source:

Tonantzin Carmelo. Source:

Tonantzin Carmelo in 'The Activist.'


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mblack's picture
Submitted by mblack on
These are all wonderful women, but what about Irene Bedard? I'm all excited about her being in Hancock 2, and if we believe strong enough, she will get that role. But since this is really about new stars, I would have added Tanaya Beatty from "Arctic Air" (show on the CBC here in Canada, starring Adam Beach), though I'm just assuming she's native. The episode where she saves the day because of her wilderness skills made her stand out. MIchael

SkyeandChang's picture
Submitted by SkyeandChang on
All such powerful, talented, beautiful young women! So honoured to work with Sera-Lys in my series Skye and Chang. Sera-Lys Rocks! Proud of her! She inspires young and not so young Indigenous to embrace our beauty and our strength. hay-hay Indian Country Today for this!

arw00's picture
Submitted by arw00 on
And what of Jana Mashonee. she stars in "the dinosaur experiment" aka "Raptor Ranch" in europe

CharlesB's picture
Submitted by CharlesB on
Wonderful list. But its missing lots of talented women who have been in the business who have had lots of success. Like Roseanne Supernault from Blackstone and Jessica Matten who did "A Red Girl's Reasoning" - I saw it at the New York National Museum of the Native American.